Remove blonde hair permanent : Xemos Laser maybe?

I went to one month ago and invested $1,500 for a fullbody laser removal (except the hair on the head, eyebrows, eyelashes and bear.) It took 3 hours and the price was nice: normally $2,500 when doing armpits one day and the legs next and so on. But it only removes DARK hair. So now when the blonde hair has grown out, I want to remove that permanent too. They told me that no laser can do that yet.
Is there any equipment available that removes blonde/white hair yet?

Is is possible with Xemos Laser Hair Remover W-808?
The price seems to be €695 normally,

but now it’s for sale at only $125

Will I be satisfied? Any positive/negative feedback about Xemos Laser Hair Remover W-808 is welcome, and also other products that removes blonde hair permanently.

As far as I know, nothing can remove those kind of hairs permanently but electrolysis.

You write that you had one laser session a month ago and it removed the darker hair. I’m afraid you will discover this did not remove them permanently. I had one laser session too and the hair all returned eventually, even though they were very black and coarse.