Remington I-Light Pro

I just happened to see a product ad in my monthly ulta catalog and hopped on the computer to check reviews. I’m leery of it since it just came out and disappointed that supposedly it’s not for use above the neck. But anyway…I was wondering if anyone else had decided to try it and used it yet?

I would investigate the actual lifetime of the flash unit versus what is claimed. The greatest expense will be replacing it, often.

Each 1,500-flash cartridge can deliver two to three full body treatments (underarms, lower legs, bikini area).

Has anyone else had any experience with this device? I was thinking of giving it a shot.

i haven’t used the Remington, i’ve used the Silk’n 3x about 2 years ago on my entire lower arms and there are about 2 places on the front of my arm that have hair permanently thinned/gone, that’s it. The Remington is only 2-3 joules stronger. If you think of it as results maybe a bit better than a wax then you won’t be disappointed. If you’re hoping for permanent hair removal you will be disappointed. i personally think the price is pretty okay for the equivalent of a very good wax. Still pricy for that, but with the right expectations, i don’t think it’s a terrible choice. I used to buy wax machines and waxes, etc. Maybe it still cost less, but…

and re: the 1,500 flashes, so many of the reviews i’ve read mention that they weren’t getting anywhere near the 1,500 flashes per cartridge. And the treatment window is pretty small. 1cm x 2cm. has over 300 reviews on the I light Pro and it’s holding strong as it works quite well… I have one and i love it!!!

Oh, and I also count my flashes per session and what I’m seeing is that the unit has a built in counter that stops after 1500 flashes to prevent a bulb bursting while it’s near sayyyy, the bikini line :wink:

There’s also a review by a Pablo P who did it on his pubic area and got great results.

Hey Prettysure…

The cartridges are 25 bucks a pop and imagine if you paid 25 dollars for ONE salon laser treatment. A lot of people would jump at that but this gives you 1500 flashes for that price… I’d say aside from the initial cost, the 25 bucks per cartridge is reasonable. I do wish it were more than 1500 but whatever. Oh - and just a few days ago, I picked up 3 of the cartridges on clearance for just 10 bucks each!!! YIPPEE!!!