Rejuvenu update

Well, it looks like the IHRS site is still down, but [Rejuvenu dot com] is back up, and now they’ve added a special page attacking little old me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Rather than discuss the facts I’ve brought up about their violations of federal regulations, they would rather take potshots at me personally. :roll_eyes:

I’ve responded to their silly comments and noted once again all of their illegal marketing and unsubstantiated claims.

If you have been ripped off by these guys or their salespeople, let me know, and I’ll help you sue them. I’ve already helped consumers recoup thousands, which is why they hate me so much!

Truth hurts sometimes, and facts are facts! :grin:

How dare they comparing you to Bin-Laden and then ask people to give them information about you?
It’s a maf style! Now everybody knows what they’re made off.
why is their site back on the net?

Hey Andrea,

Couldn’t we solve this whole Rejuvenu - Transdermal issue if you would just PUBLISH for everybody your actual contact information? This way - we could take this fight into a court of law and let the judge decide.

If you are convinced about your convictions as you say - let’s go ahead and PUBLISH that contact information and let’s go ahead and let’s the court decide.

This verbal war isn’t doing anybody good. Let’s take it to the courtroom.

You can send legal correspondence to me at the P.O. Box listed on my site.

Looks like a Troll (david filer) is loose… Please don’t feed, just ignore…


For those who don’t know, a court summons may in fact be considered served if sent to a P.O. Box, and a default judgement may be entered if said summons is ignored by the receiver.

So If anyone wanted to sue Andrea, or anyone else for that matter, and had only their PO Box, that would be all they would need for LEGAL action against her, or anyone else. :slight_smile:

Thanks, James. As we all know, these people are just trying to sound all scary, because they know their case is groundless.

I have also added some more dirt on Lee Cole and his business practices this weekend:

Hairfacts: Lee Cole accused of fraud

My new friend Michael T. Ricks Sr. at Gemini Body Works has updated his attacks on me. You can read my responses:

Hairfacts: Quack attack-- Michael T. Ricks, Sr.

Hairfacts: Quack attack-- Mark H. Chandler

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2004 update: one of the Rejuvenu “medical consultants,” Michael T. Ricks, Sr., was arrested in June on sex and criminal impersonation charges.