Rejuvenu sites (WARNING!)

This has been a good week! Looks like FDA may have finally taken action against “transcutaneous hair removal” manufacturer Rejuvenu (formerly International Hair Removal Systems).

As of Monday, both their sales sites appear to have been taken down.

[rejuvenu dot com]

[IHRS website (now a Christian education site)] [ihrsinc dot com]

In a way, I feel a little bad for the two guys who have been running this operation for years. The main reason I had to help take them down was because I had to take them down at the same time I took on Judith Stephens of Guaranty Hair Removal. They have Judith to thank for all their problems. Had they not stepped in and taken care of her scams themselves, I probably would never have focused on such a tiny corner of the hair removal industry.

I don’t plan to stop until I put all of their practitioners out of business, which should be possible in the next year or so, thanks to some strongly-worded FDA directives against the company.

If you have been ripped off by Rejuvenu or their practitioners/salespeople, let me know, and I’ll help you sue them for the money they took from you.

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More troubles in 2004: one of the Rejuvenu “medical consultants,” Michael T. Ricks, Sr., was arrested in June on sex and criminal impersonation charges.

More Rejuvenu scam sites, positioned by: [search-engine-positioning-usa dot com]

[rejuvenu dot com]
[rejuvenu dot org]
[superphasergold dot com]
[phasehair dot com]
[permanentelectrolysis dot com]
[transcutaneous dot com]
[transdermalhairremoval dot com]
[tweezerelectrolysis dot com]
[noninvasiveelectrolysis dot com]
[painlesshairremoval dot com]
[rejuvennews dot com]