Rejuvenu deathwatch?

Just went to see how my favorite FDA scofflaws were doing, and their site has a little problem:

[rejuvenu dot com]

You don’t have permission to access / on this server.


So I went to their other sites:

[rejuvenews dot com]

[noneedleelectrolysis dot com]

Seems they are down, too!

I guess it’s hard to stay on top of things when one of your “Medical Directors” is doing 20 to life in a Colorado prison!

Unfortunately, there are still a few people flogging this thing:

[distributionmastuvu dot com]

[no-needle dot net/]

Stay tuned…

As of today, they are back from the dead:

[rejuvenu dot com]

The “new” version brings back all the distributors (even the ones who demanded to be removed):

[rejuvenu dot com/distributors.html]

It also brings back founder Lee Cole (who has been dead for over two years):

[rejuvenu dot com/about.html]

They also bring back “Dr.” Michael T. Ricks Sr., who has been in prison doing 20 years to life:

[rejuvenu dot com/med_consultants.html]

FDA has sent them a warning letter about their questionable company:

[fda dot gov/foi/warning_letters/g4959d.htm]

As always, avoid this product and treatments with it. Tell your friends!