Rejection from an electrologist! James please look -

I went to Mary Federico in Cleveland as James recommended. We did two treatments on the back of my neck (the second after a couple of postponements on her part). Then, for the third try, we were supposed to finally do my ears and possibly other facial parts. However, Mary cancelled that appointment and after that never responded despite my leaving three messages on her answering machine over the past two months or so!

Anyway, I think it might be because after my first session I told her that James had recommended her to me, and that I was posting reports on this forum (I posted one detailed one earlier). So now I am stuck. I am definitely not calling Mary again because I am certain she doesn’t want my business. It is strange since I didn’t ask her to do any private parts, and was not rude or antyhing like that! She told me that 90 percent of her clients were female so maybe she’s also a bit wary about guys. Who knows.

James, is there anyone else you can recommend in the Cleveland, Ohio area? Definitely not a woman - I would prefer seeing a man this time since I might also want my upper and lower back done. James do you operate on patients in other parts of the US besides NY? Also, if I was in that area some time, do you think it is useful for me to get one treatment from you (say unibrow and ear lobes)? Even if I never see you again?

Thanks for your time.

First of all, I don’t know of any male electrologists in Ohio, and judging by the number of people driving the 2 to 5 hours from Ohio to see me, there must be a reason why making the trip is worth it to them. :confused:

It would be worth your time to get good treatment done, and at least get a jump on the rest. In order to get to your goal however, you would need regular treatment. You would have to find someone who you could go to on a reasonable schedule in order to get progress in an acceptable time period. Of course, for the average person, I would be clearing out the back of the neck and a few other areas in each visit if one were getting treatment from me.

I am sorry that it did not work out.

I guess she was spooked by your saying you would be reporting on her work here at Hairtell. I guess some people don’t want people knowing any customer reviews of their work. I guess they think no one is giving verbal reviews on them anyway offline. :roll_eyes:

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