I have been seeing my electolysist for a few months now…EVERY WEEK…for my chin area…I’m a female, 33 yrs. old who began to grow hair after my first child 9 yrs. ago. I plucked for years. It is only up until now that I have realized how horribly hairy my chin is when I clip the hairs before treatments…YIKES…embarrassssing!!! Do I really need to go 30 min. each week or can I skip and go every 2 wks. This was the 1st week that I waited 2 wks. to return. Although there is WAY more hair, my skin is WAY better and less bumpy. I have been told that the longer I wait between treatments, the longer it will take me to be DONE…The hairs are not so close to one another anymore but I still have a LONG way to go because there are about 30 hairs on each side of my chin…HOW LONG??? Will it work??? HELP!!!


In the early going, electrolysis is long visits spaced close together. Once full clearance is obtained each and ever time you have a visit, the visits start to be for shorter treatments, spaced farther apart.

So the question you want to answer for yourself is one of priorities. Would you like to finish faster, or slower? If faster, go as frequently as you can as close together as is reasonable until you reach the full clearance every time stage. You will then start to get to the point where you are only having one treatment per month, and then one every 6 weeks, and then once in 3 months, and then maybe 15 minutes once or twice a year. Of course, if you did not prioritize completion highly, you could go once every few months for years and years.


James, Thanks for responding! I was kind of hoping that you’d be the one to respond. You seem to know a lot about this. I just went in today and each time I go for the 30 mins. I get the area cleared. SO>>>>>> I guess it would be safe to say that every 2 wks. would be just as good as every week as long as I get cleared each time. Am I understanding at all or not??? Thanks :roll_eyes:


You got it!
Getting full clearance is the important thing.
You would be able to get to full clearance in 9 months on a schedule of one full clearance every 3 weeks assuming it were possible to clear the entire area each and every time you went in.

Those who have a more noticeable hair problem would have shorter appointments at more frequent intervals just so that they don’t have to worry about visable hairs during the three weeks that would otherwise be their appointment schedule.