Does the hair grow back thicker or denser when using removal methods such as shaving, waxing, etc? Thanks for your help…

Shaving does not create thicker or more hairs, nor does it create follicle distortion. Many people THINK their shaving has caused the hairs to grow back thicker due to an optical illusion when looking at a shaved hair as opposed to a *Virgin Hair". In short, the shaved hair has been cut off at a lower, thicker point, whereas the virgin hair tapers to a point. The end of the hair looks thicker because it is, but the whole hair is not thicker, it is the same size as it was before you shaved it. It just has less give since it no longer has the tapered end.

Blood is to hair, as fertilizer is to grass, and therefore it is possible for plucking, waxing, and any other methods that rip hair out from the roots to cause the hairs you have to return thicker, more distorted, and even stimulate new growth in response to the blood flow in the area while the body is trying to heal. The frequency of these methods will also dictate the likelihood of this reaction, and the extent at which this occurs.

So, you can shave, and clip, but ripping it out by the roots only makes for trouble later, in addition to making the hair unavailable for treatment that would cause permanent hair removal had the hair been visible and intact in the follicle.

Thanks for the info…what about a method such as bleaching, will this strengthen the hair and make it grow in darker or thicker?

Bleaching thickens the hair, but not quite like other things. The process actually thickens the hair by causing gases to be released as the bleaching effect works on the hair. The hair looses color, but is actually taking up more space. In many cases, one goes from small black hairs, to thick blond or clear hairs.

Shave or clip it if you are not getting electrolysis.

Hey you seem to know alot about this…do you know what part of a person’s life is when they have the most body hair growth and when they will know how much they will have for the rest of their life? Is there like a stage in life like puberty? Thanks again, you’re alot of help.

You are welcome.

If you are a man, you have a good idea of how much hair you have by the time you are 25. One continues to have some growth throughout life, but one doesn’t usually go from hairless at 25, to grizzly bear at 40.

Women, on the other hand, really don’t know what they are in for, because there are so many different things that can make new hair grow on them.

In consultations, I tell the gals, that if they have not had any unwanted hairs by the age of 25, congratulations, they will have plenty when they hit menopause.

Hi again, i was wondering if depilitories have any effect on hair growth. I was reading up about Nair for Men and they say that “Hairs regrow softer and more slowly than with a razor”. I just want to use this for a couple of scattered spots on my back and i was wondering if the hair patches would spread or grow longer or darker, or would the effect be the same as shaving…thanks

I forgot to ask, if a person was born to have a really hairy back would it have grown with the rest of the body hair?