Regrowth? Is this normal?

I just got my 3rd treatment (underarms and bikini). After the first treatment - it looked GREAT. After the second it seemed like it almost started to grow back more and now after the third treatment… the hair is back to normal.

Is this normal? Will this hair grow out - and then not return? I’m worried.

Any suggestions?

how sure are you that what you’re seeing is 100% of the hair you have back and same texture? Most people get used to the results they see after the first couple of treatments and when the new dormant hair comes in again, they feel like it’s back to what they started with, when in reality it’s pretty far from that. Once you start getting treatments, you become a lot more aware of every single little hair you see whether before you might not have paid as much close attention since there was so much hair overall.

Anyways, it would be helpful if you can provide more specifics like laser used, your skin and hair type, if you saw shedding after the first 2 treatments, etc. My feeling is that you are just seeing a bunch of hair that was dormant before resurface. Usually, it’s by treatment #3 or so when the hair cycles gets in synch and you see a bunch of dormant hair resurface at once. If you’re not sure about how hair grows etc, in 3 phases, make sure to read the FAQs at the top of this forum.

It is difficult to say whether you’ve lost hair or not. After its been gone, it is nearly impossible to remember how it looked prior to treatments. Secondly, at least in my experience, I began to visually notice a difference after the 3rd and 4th treatments.

You might want to make a template (a 1-inch square in a firm piece of paper) and place it on various parts of the area you are having treated. Count the hairs each time and write them down. After you’ve had a couple more treatments, do it again and compare. I think you’ll see that there will be a reduction.