Regrowth and the look /feel of it ..

Im thinking about getting most of my body waxed, but Im a little aprehensive about who the regrowth will look and feel after a few weeks. Especially on my chest, stomach, & buttocks. Can anyone give me an idea as to how they deal with this?


I have most of my body waxed, every 6 or 8 weeks… everything except genital area, and then I shave my head… :grin:

The problems are:

ingrowns… these only really appear on lower chest or upper abdomen area… though I will get a few from time to time elsewhere, on shoulders or calf muscles… you can soon deal with these… usually just a scratch and the hair releases and it sorts itself out… the ones on the chest need a bit more care…

Regrowth is an issue that may vary between different people… My hairs are gone for about 2 or 3 weeks, then if I look closely, I can see them short… but you don’t notice them across a room or anything… they are about 5mm now, and it has been 5 or 6 weeks since the last waxing… I do think they are getting thinner and more sparse as I go on with continued waxing…

I have been thinking I could get an epilator, to grab a few more between waxing… but I am happy enough with regrowth speed and the look… I have a very mild tan, and dark hair… after 3 months regrowth, you will have a lot of noticeable hairs back…

The first few weeks are when the ingrowns will show up… so exfoliate and look after any ingrowns as they appear… but, the regrowing hair is soft, not stubbly like shaving.

HTH, good luck,


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Thanks David!

That helps me out alot. I just have to make sure I take the right care AFTER I get waxed. I Think Ill read a few posts here and get some after care tips and hints.

I was thinking of getting an epilator also … but I think Ill hold out and see how it goes with the wax first.

You can look after yourself before waxing as well…

Make sure you drink plenty of water for the few days before… be really hydrated… you can exfoliate a day or two before, to really clean your skin… a sauna a few days before is always nice to ‘sweat it out’… avoid lots of sun for the few days before… and on the day, shower, and then use baby powder to keep your skin soft and dry for the waxing…

Also, after, shower with a good soap like Dove non-allergenic, or Pears baby soap… something that won’t dry out your skin, or irritate it with perfumes etc…

Good luck,


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