regrowth % allowance...?

hello everyone,

a few days ago I had a consultation with regard to my facial hair. The electrologist seemed educated and experienced.

The was one statement that made me a bit puzzled and dont really know what the person was trying to say.

The person said , “allowed a 15% hair regrowth with galvanic and 35-40% regrowth with apilus”.

Does it mean the electrologist has a high percentage rate of killing hair or something else?

Having practiced for over 30 years, I still don’t have a clue to any % of regrowth that might occur. I am aiming for zero regrowth, but would never be able to recognize a hair that has regrown…

I would translate this statement to mean that they believe galvanic has less regrowth and a higher regrowth is expected with apilus…however, galvanic is a modality and apilus is an epilator. You might ask them about the statement and exactly what they meant by it.

Since I know that I have been misquoted in life, I wonder if your electrologist is being misquoted.

There are 3 modalitites: galvanic, blend, thermolysis.
There are several brands of equipment capable of administering these modalities, among them is the Apilus. The Apilus is capable of doing all 3 modalities.

The best modality is based on your particular situation.
The modality that is pushed by the electrologist is most likely the one that they feel is best for you or the one that they know how to administer.

All 3 methods are good.

The equipment is only as good as the electrologist however, some equipment is better as some enable the electrologist to administer treatment using many different techniques.

nokinjo, it’s very interesting you should say that.

What the person may have meant is the “flash” modality of an Apilus.

In my experience, slower modalities (like galvanic) can be more forgiving of poor insertions while a flash modality is not.

I think it’s very honest of the person to say this upfront.

In your position, as this is facial hair you wish to have removed, I would prefer to have apilus flash on a facial area, there is minimal sensation and skin reaction compared to galvanic, which can take up to a week to fully heal from scabbing. If undecided have a short treatment of both and then decide. They will both provide permanent results

I think it’s very honest of the person to say this upfront.