Regrowing Lasered Hair?

Is there any way to regrow my (now) patchy beard after having multiple laser treatments? There are spots with no hair at all and other spots with thinned out and less course hair.

Would prednisone or Minoxidil work? I had my last treatment two months ago.

this is an area stimulated by hormones, so there is a good chance you will see more growth in the next year. what laser were you using? is it possible for you to have a few more treatments with a Yag for example? RC2001 might have more suggestions on this as he has done his beard area.

I had the first 9 treatments with IPL Aurora with RF technology. The last two were on the diode Comet with RF technology. I started the lasering b/c I got pseudofolliculitis from shaving. Ironically I have to shave more often now or else my beard looks ridiculous, however that also means more irritation. at this ppoint I’d settle for being able to grow a somewhat normal looking stubble like nick lachey.

Wait a few months since your last treatment and see what grows back. I doubt you will get enough regrowth to eliminate the patchiness. The only way to get rid of the patchiness is to get more treatments and finish the job.

What percentage of your beard is left? You can finish up with electrolysis too.

I would try some Nd:YAG treatments. The longer wavelength will penetrate deeper into the hair follicle. A Nd:YAG, with a large spot size, such as the Coolglide CV, will work best.

Did you find the Comet to work any better than the Aurora?

Once the follicles are dead you cannot bring them back. Minoxidil will not help.