regrets about being permanantly hairless

Has anyone here had any regrets about being permanantly hairless? I spoke to the laser hair removalist and they said that they wouldn’t choose to get a full bikini hair removal incase they changed their mind later. I understand that it is a personal choice, but has anyone here chosen to get the whole brazilian bikini hair removal? Someone also said that at the age of 70+ it won’t be such a good look. Not sure what to think of this. NOt sure if 50 years from now brazillian waxing will still be in fashion either? What do you think?

I am considering getting a brazilian as well, and I have certainly thought about this. I think I may just get mine for a few treatments and thin out what’s there as a happy medium. If I could shave with less stubble and slower regrowth, I’d be pretty satisfied.

Also even with full removal, from my understanding this isn’t guaranteed to stay completely smooth forever. I believe there’s still the possibility of new hair developing, especially when the body is under hormonal change like with pregnancy or menopause or whatever. I’m no expert though so I’ll wait for someone more knowledgeable to chime in.

Yeh, I was told the same but I don’t really get it. I think it’s like, you either want hair there or you don’t? Would one really change their mind?

I’m also going the same route as isshevital, going to have a few treatments to reduce density and attempt to make what’s left thinner. I already had proper treatments on the bikini thong area.

Yes, I think one would change their mind. It’s a passing fad and you will regret it in 10 or 20 years. By all means clean up the bikini line, but the Brazilian will go out of favour (the pendulum is already starting to shift).

It’s hard to imagine that your tastes will change but think about what you wore 10 years ago! Probably not the same choices you’d make this morning. : )

People always change. They regret their tattoos, their eyebrow shape, etc because trends change and because people themselves change. You have no way of knowing what you may like in 20 years. So I always recommend to be on the safe side. I didn’t remove everything because I am fully aware that I may change my mind later.

I occasionally refuse to treat a client for this very reason. I once had a female ask me, to remove her head hair permanently. I told her that it might be a trendy look right now,but she would be a very cold octogenerian. She still wanted to proceed,so I had to flatly refuse. I have never regretted my decision.

Ah, guess I am approaching this differently. In my culture trimming or removing pubic hair completely has existed for a long time and is quite normal. If I was to remove it completely, it’s because it annoys me. Prickly and harsh when trimmed and itchy when longer.

C O’Connell - have you ever refused to do a full brazilian hair removal? What percentage of people do you think get this done?

Oh my, this is an issue I had never considered — until the last couple years or so. Indeed, I am having women requesting “everything removed.” Currently I have 3 very well-adjusted professional women (one is an attorney) in their 50s who sincerely convinced me that “everything off” is exactly what they want! Two are finished and one is on her final (third) clearing.

Using all my diplomatic skills, I did attempt to dissuade these women from doing the “total Brazilian,” reminding them that there is no way back: permanent is forever. I have always felt we must maintain a natural look on both men and women. Lots of factors must be considered and you must never “injure” the person.

I am not proud of myself, but I did what they requested. In the past, I have denied treatment. My most notable denial was about 20 years ago. The request came from a 300-pound “biker dude” from L.A. He had a swastika shaved in his very hairy chest and wanted this to be permanent. He was planning a tattoo in the cleared area! It was a chilling experience that upset me for days. (I don’t think the guy had a clue about what that symbol represented.)

I do not have the answer. I do think that our opinion should be given (diplomatically) to the prospective patient. The plastic surgeon, with whom I work, regularly denies doing procedures that he thinks are wrong or that won’t be successful. Another surgeon in our area (I used to work with him in surgery doing hair transplants!) will do just about anything! He loves money! And, I can spot his patients in public — an unnatural look!

I suppose it’s funny, because I want “my” surgeon to make my earlobes smaller. He just smiles and says: “Michael, why don’t you take a vacation?” I think I have elephant ears — maybe I don’t?

My point is: we should be like ethical doctors: do no harm! When the request might make the person look “unnatural,” it’s okay to give our opinion. If the person is very convinced of her needs, then go ahead. If you are extremely uncomfortable with the request, e.g., the swastika — don’t do it!

No disrespect to anyone but you are in the hair removal business… if a client comes in and wants everything removed then it really is their decision. I agree with Michael, give your professional opinion and let them make the decision for themselves. To me, refusing to treat an area just because you are personally against it is sort of unprofessional.

I think most electrologists do offer advice and “what-if’s” to client’s and then proceed with the task at hand if the client so insists. Some may even get release forms signed if they are uncomfortable with some insistent requests. I do people with very fine peach fuzz as a big part of my practice. I don’t see the peach fuzz at conversation distance and tell them they are looking pretty gosh darn normal to me, but they want it off and I can see the hair with my vision aids, so I do what they ask.

People are free to make decisions for themselves and I agree that if they are seeking a service for which they are willing to pay for, then it is none of my business to pass judgement one way or the other. There is one exception - I don’t do swastika’s either. Period.

I got everything off! Since light hair still grows in the area it is not that big a deal for me, it just means there is no thick/itchy/annoying hair left :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess, I don’t understand the big deal. If you have a brazilian, it’s not as if you are going to parade around as in a fashion show. The only people who would know are those with whom you are intimate.

As a male, I considered it and I have had some hair removed. For example, the “happy trail” is gone and the ridge line of the pubic hair (lower stomach) has been lowered quite abit. Probably similar to a landing strip. I don’t want to remove it all though I do like the appearance on those occasions I have shaved it all. It is certainly a cleaner appearance and no itch. However, because I go to a gym where there are public showers, I would feel self concious if I had it all removed.

I might add, I’ve had my hair removed from my legs and arms and I absolutely do not regret it. I have to admit, I’ve got nice looking legs and they look a whole lot nicer without hair.

Did you use laser to remove the hair BRR?

Sorry for taking so long at getting back. I don’t get on this forum very often anymore. As it has been said, when people have good experiences, they don’t stay on the forums.

Yes, at first, I had hair removal with the Aurora which is an IPL with radio frequency. I thought it did an all right job. I also have had some touch up treatments with GentleLASE. Of course, there was some electrolysis in there, too, particularly when the hair was becoming more scarce.

I think I’ve had at least a 95% removal.

I believe some of my history might be in the success stories as well as another forum.

Yep, we have your success story documented. The link from the other forum is in the Success Stories thread here.

Hope you can visit us more often again, BRR :wink:

In effect, the fashions go and come. But the desire of free hair in this area has never had trip of return. None of my clients have regretted going too far ever. On the contrary, they have returned after a few years in search of more. The choice between an extremely soft skin and a forest of rough and coarse hair is not very difficult.

The art is full of examples of beautiful feminine and masculine nudes. You can admire Paul Delvaux’s work and also you can enjoy the vision of The odalisque by Mariano Fortuny. Both represent masterfully the beauty of the woman, with or without hair.

It is up to you! And make sure you are doing it for yourself.

I personally would NOT get laser treatment in the “brazilian” area.

My ex (who happened to be brazilian) preferred completely hairless, and that’s the only reason I got waxed. But really, I find that it makes me look quite infantile.

Is it really such a big deal to you that you would rather have the hair in that area permanently removed instead of waxed?

I had to balance the possible regret of doing it, versus the possible regret of not-doing-it-in-time (before grey hairs come in).

Ultimately I decided that even if visual styles may come and go, sensation and comfort will always be a benefit.

Plus, I don’t follow fashion. That would be a joke. You know we’re gonna set them set them, so everybody take note take note!