Regret Laser Hair Removal 1st treatment

Recently had first session of Laser hair removal full body 6 weeks ago . Am 20 Male Fitzpatrick III with dark hair. I only wanted a slight reduction, not removal on my arms and legs. But large parts of my legs are hair free after one treatment. If i stop further treatments will most of it grow back

From someone who has done laser hair removal, I would say that almost all of it will come back, specially since you have done only one session

At six weeks after treatment, the next cycle of hair is going to be growing in and will become more noticeable within the next two weeks. If you cease treatments now, the reduction will be barely noticeable after some time. Considering your skin and hair type, a slight reduction through laser treatments is going to come maybe after three treatments, maybe after six. It’s highly dependent on your individual circumstances and the operator skill.

If you want deliberate and considered reduction of hair in an area, an electrologist can help you achieve that. Reduction from laser is much less deliberate and considered, so you may find that you dislike the reduction due to patchiness in some areas.


A natural looking reduction of hair with laser is a bit difficult but can be done…sort of.

Legs would take 6-9 treatments for maximum clearance so your one won’t do much. Depending on how high the settings were, you could find your legs look like they have less hair at a certain time of the year. Then it will return to the regular hairiness.

Where I worked years ago we would try to do only 3 sessions at the regular intervals and not go crazy with the settings. The person was warned in advance there was no guarantee that the results would be even. There will be some patchiness.

The theory was three sessions of heavy settings of laser could wipe out the majority of hairs for years to come if all conditions are perfect (I have seen it).

So three sessions of laser at a lower setting could prevent periods of baldness in the treated throughout the year.

I wish I could say I have seen it work perfectly but I cannot. The men typically don’t return to show the results and we would only see them shaved when they came in for the last appointment. I have seen it where people run out of money or give up after a couple treatments and the look is rather patchy but overall reduced.

Your one treatment will most likely be unnoticeable.