Regret brazilian LHR: will hair grow back?

Hello Everyone,

I recently had 1 brazilian LHR session with a Soprano machine. “All” the hair has shed. I wish I would have chosen the bikini style so that I would have been able to keep the hair in my labia and part of the mound.

Now I feel uncomfortable and very stressed.

I would like to know if somebody has had an experience similar to mine with laser hair removal.

  1. Specifically, I would like to know if the MAJORITY of the HAIR will grow back, EVEN IF ALL THE HAIR HAS SHED, and you only had one LHR treatment (no further treatments)?

  2. Also, since I already had 1 treatment of LHR, will BIKINI laser hair removal be possible NOW ?

  3. Or will only a FEW HAIRS grow in the mound, giving the area a “weird” look?

Thank you for any input that may help …