Reflections in Bridgewater, NJ

Thinking of having back/shoulders
laser hair removal performed at a
practice called Reflections. However,
they told me that a treatment for this
area would cost around $1200. They use
a Candela GentleLASE and have two
staffed MDs, so I wonder if this is
the reason why the price is so insanely


is $1200 per treatment? where are u located? maybe there are other recommended places in your area on the site

Yes, $1200 per treatment, $900
just back without shoulders.
Apparently, Reflections employs
several different laser systems,
including a GentleLASE alexandrite.
When I spoke to them on the phone
and they told me the treatment price,
I was shocked and fumbled for words
thereafter since the quote seemed
a lot higher than what I had researched
such an area would cost.

I am located in Easton, Pennsylvania,
which is 10 minutes away from the
Jersey border and 1.5 hours north of
Philly. There is a place in my area
that has a website (,
and they say they use a New Super Long
Pulse Alexandrite laser. I don’t know
of this type of laser and hesistate to
schedule an initial visit because they
charge $25 for a consultation and the
impression I get is that its a gimmick
(because of the name of the website and
because of their bold claims on the website
that they are the best, etc). Is that
out of the ordinary?


That’s expensive. Where I go here’s the price list:
Bikini (reg) or Underarms $75
Bikini & Underarms both $99
Brazilian Bikini $179
Full Back $299
Shoulders $129
Lip $39
Chin $49
Lip & Chin $79
Chest or Abdomen $150
Legs, both hip to toe, full $299
Legs, partial (upper or lower) $175

And this is a pretty decent place in an upscale area (La Jolla, San Diego) with new equipment. And yes, done by a true blue MD. Think about looking around or traveling to Philly, New York, or Mass. That’s way too overpriced.


Thanks Mantaray.
I was thinking that it was way
overpriced. I just thought that
maybe it had something to do with
the fact that the practice staffed
MDs and used a wide range of laser


yes, $1200 is very expensive per treatment. If you’re looking into using GentleLASE, try the provider search on the Candela Corporation website (this laser’s manufacturer). You type in your zip code and get places that are closest. There are also some NJ places recommended here, although they’re sometimes more expensive because of laws requiring lots of training to perform LHR…

you can also check out the cosmetic enhancements forum. there are a bunch of recommendations for NJ there, but the site is down right now.

Thanks for the suggestion Lagirl.
I did check out Candela’s website
and found a practice close to where
I live that somehow eluded my Google

I just had my consultation session
today and first treatment with the
Candela Gentlelase. Hopefully I’m
able to achieve long term results.

Thanks again,

you’re welcome. keep us updated. also, find out what settings they’re using etc. i recommend following your treatments closely so that you know how you can improve results