Referrals for New York, North New Jersey and Cambridge/Boston, MA?


Hi all,

I’m just setting out on my “permanent hair reduction” odyssey, and am looking for physicians/centers who conduct laser/light hair reduction.

I am really interested in those who have experience with people of color, because I am prone to hyperpigmentation (needless to say, a huge concern on facial/neck area). I am a woman of South Asian descent – with medium tan skin, coarse black body hair, and fine-med-coarse visible black hairs on face and neck. (If you have any suggestions as to what kind of laser I should look into, please feel free to advise). Also, if you know of any physicians who can treat hyperpigmentation via laser, please suggest also.

Currently I am in the New Jersey/NYC area, but will be relocating to the Cambridge/Boston area in the fall. Any suggestions of contacts or other info sources would be greatly appreciated.

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The original research on laser hair removal was done at the MASS. GEN’L HOSP. They NO LONGER DO THIS PROCEDURE as no doctor wants to spend the restof his life removing hair. It is boring, not intellectualy stimulating, and not very gratifying compared to the other procedures they can do.

Patients are desparate and will resort to CUT-RATE operators who are not well trained and know very little about the device they are using, the post treatment care
and which patients are POOR RISKS and should NEVER BE TREATED WITH LASERS OF ANY TYPE.


With skin like yours, I would not take the risk with laser. From what I hear, and from my own experiences, you are much more likely to get pigmentation and scarring from the average laser treatment than you would from the average electrolysis treatment.