Referral request in Denver area

Does anyone have a referral for an electrologist in the Denver area? I will even travel 100 miles! I am a 59 yo male and want my anal hair removed. I’ve had electrolysis for several years on my eyebrows, ears and nose, and currently have a really good professional, but she does not do males below the neck. I went to an office in Arvada, CO who advertised TS friendly, but they did not think I was sincere. I’m not TS but the hair is a hygiene issue. Please help! Thanks.

There are transistional areas that serve as a point of “fusion” where skin and mucous membranes meet. We call these areas mucocutaneous junctions. These transitional areas are generally moistened by little mucous glands within the body orifices (openings) where these junctions are located. Examples of mucocutaneous junctions include the eyelids, nasal openings, vulva and anus. One should not have electrolysis in these locations because they may become sites of infection and irritation.

I personnaly would not work on any client in these areas knowing of the risk involved. A reputable electrologist wants the best outcome, and would certainly not put you at risk for a potentially life threatening infection. I would assume it would be difficult to find a professional electrologist that would jump at the chance to help you out on this one.



Thanks for your reply. Please forgive me as I did not really mean what I typed. I’m concerned about my abundant hair on my perineum and the area around my anus, not the actual anal opening. In the past I have shaved the area say about 2 inches all around the opening. I think some might refer to the area as their “crack.”

Please let me know if this info makes a difference.

BTW, I have had estimates for laser treatment of the area, but I don’t want to do laser. Laser costs more per session and electrolysis spreads the cost out over a longer period of time. Also my experience w/ laser on my back 5 years ago resulted in only a reduction of hair.

Again, thanks for your interest in replying.

This may be a difficult area for any electrologist to work in (even if they are willing) due to the difficulty of getting accurate insertions. Pulling and stretching the skin where the hair is hidden would be the challenge. One would need 3 or 4 extra hands to accomplish a good insertion.

As you know as a seasoned electrolysis client yourself, we make hundreds of tiny wounds as we seek and destroy hair follicles. In the anal area, it would be impossible to keep these tiny wounds clean until they are completely healed. The chance of infection is still very real.

The third caution is pain. Do you think you could tolerate the pain here?

You can keep up the hunt in Denver or beyond and perhaps you will find someone that can actually look at your area and try a treatment. I’m just adding some cautions that may be helpful for you.

Have you ever talked to anyone that has successfully had this area permanently cleared with either electrolysis of laser?

I forget most of the time to view the mature section on hairtell, but you might want to to a search there.

Good luck to you, jackbiker.