Referral Please?RJC?Anyone?


First post here:

After 4 treatments of laser hair utilizing the Lightsheer i have had very minimal if any permanent hair removal.I do NOT doubt the machine but i DO doubt the skill of my practioner who happens to be an MD.After learning about compression on here i mentioned it to him and he wont use.Instead he “glides” the handpeice because in his words “it would take forever if i did it the other way”.I ask him to raise the fluence he refuses.He misses spots leaving a patchy look.I have lots and lots of unwanted hair that i would like removed(back,chest,abdomen,shoulders,neck,buttox,upper arms)which he has been treating in a short time.Usually a chest,from what i read here, would take a good 45 minutes alone to treat.This guy treats all of the above areas in 2 hrs tops with the magnificent “GLIDING” technique.Obviously this guy either doesnt know or doesnt care about patient satisfaction and is just worried about treating as many as possible so he can make his next payment on his Benz.

Anyway…Andrea is so right-Practioner skill is by far the most important thing to look for.

Even with my bad results i do still think the Lightsheer is the best laser from what i’ve read on here and other sights,if used correctly.I have milk white skin with dark hair so i really think in the right hands i should get good results.

I need a referral preferably in the new york city tri-state area from patient/s of “so and so” who are satisfied with their results.

RJC–i have read about your FANTASTIC results,with envy LOL.I am willing to travel for treatments if the person that treats you is THAT good.He/she seems to know how to utilize the Lightsheer technology.Can you contact me please at i would like to get some info from you…thanks.


Sorry to hear about the bed results! :frowning: You’ll need to do your homework, even in a big city like New York.