Referral in Los Angeles?


I’m wondering whether anyone knows a good electrologist in the LA area? Thanks in advance!


Come on all you west coasters!

We know you are out there!

Don’t make me come out there!

Give a little back in return here!

The only help I can be here is to say that the only CPE I know of in that area is;
Annie De Young CPE
579 N Larchmont Blvd
LA CA 90004

The only other American Electrology Association members who don’t currently hold CPE’s are:

Dorothy Almog
12012 Wilshire Blvd #200B
LA CA 90025

Judy Bien
6399 Wilshire Blvd Suite 820
LA CA 90048

Fay Klein
10642 Santa Monica Blvd #209
LA CA 90025

Keren Shad
10909 Weyburn Ave
LA CA 90024

You can start your search there. The reason one might find few CPE’s in California is because it is a licensed state, and many people feel “I already passed one test, why take another?” That attitude also seems to spill over on the issue of Professional membership organizations; “I am licensed, what do I need with a professional organization affiliation?”

So what I can say about the ladies listed above is that they at least thought enough to join the AEA in order to keep in touch with the latest developments in the profession and have a resource for continuing education, and one of them thought enough to actually take and pass the Certified Professional Electrologist Exam even though no one put a gun to her head. :wink:

Please give us feed back on your consultations with these gals so other Angelinos may reap the benefits of your experience.


Thanks, James!!!
I have set up a bunch of appointments for the coming week. I’ll keep you posted.