Referral for Washington, DC or North VA?

Looking for a referral for Washington DC or the surrounding area - thanks in advance!

i’ve heard a lot of really good things about Alternative Health Associates in Alexandria. i’ve only had a consult with them, but Maureen (the woman I spoke to there) seems to be really competant and businesslike without losing her human touch.

the website is at

if you run a search, you’ll find other recommendations. use the search feature!


I live in Arlington, VA - just a couple miles south of Washington, DC.

I’ve searched all HairTell forums (even the premium forum) and have only found some recommendations for laser treatments at Cultura Med Spa in DC.

I’ve been considering Capital Laser in Arlington (Rosslyn), but I can’t find anything good nor bad on them.

I’m also considering going to George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates’ Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Center.


check out the cosmetic enhancements forum. clinics in this area have been recently discussed. google it or go through this FAQ site: