Referral for a new electrolysist

I am a Southern California resident in the process of electrolysis. Orange County to be precise. I have been going to my gal for, um, 3-4 months now. I have noticed the little hairs under my lip (my soul patch if you would) have actually gotten longer, yikes! I have also begun to notice (by peeking out from under the little eye protector) that she is plucking/tweezing some on my hairs and not using the probe or the blending pen. But what really got me nervous- I once saw her dig out dirt from under her finger nails using the tweezers :sick: that act alone has me concerned!! I am now on the hunt for a new electrolysis, I am HOPING someone can refer me to a great electrolysist!!!

Thank you for your time :grin:

No way! Fingernail dirt? So, she wears no gloves?

There are many good professional electrologists in Orange County. Use the search function here on hair tell. Names have been listed and mentioned many times.

Wow…that’s absolutely absurd. I would never go back to that electrologist if I were you.

I’m sort of curious, why does she have you wearing eye protectors for electrolysis? This is normal protocol when receiving laser treatments, but not electrolysis. Not that I know of at least.

The blinders are normal if the person is using a circle light, or a swan neck halogen. Trust me, if the swan neck halogen is employed, the blinders are a necessity. Fiber optic halogen set ups, on the other hand concentrate the light on the treatment area, and save the eyes of the client.