Referral 2 hours around central PA??

Hi there. Hoping someone has a referral for someone skilled with coarse dark female facial hair somewhere within a couple hours of central PA (Harrisburg area). I’m willing to drive 2 hours for the best professional. I’ve searched all the electrologists in my area and haven’t found a SINGLE review for any except one (who I went to see today - she doesn’t want to take on a long-term case because she’s considering retirement). I’m so scared I’ll pick the wrong person, and even if my skin would heal, I simply cannot afford to pay someone to NOT clear this hair - I’ve already flushed $700 on laser that made the problem worse. :frowning: Help?

Kathy Haas CPE is about two hours away. She has a good set up and is a very caring lady.

Thank you! Do you happen to know which type of machine(s) she uses? I believe I saw you say on the other forum that the new high-tech machines can work as well as galvanic but not take as long? I have a lot of hair, so waiting up to 3 minutes per hair with galvanic sounds like a somewhat scary proposition for me (though not as scary as doing nothing at this point). Thank you!

Some of my clients have had work done by Lori Maurizi in New Hope, PA.