Hi people, does any one have any electrologist referals in the uk. tested and proven pls

yo, the uk is a big place. So you should use the search box above and search for whatever towns are near you. (also, there are people here from the uk but they don’t post daily and may miss your question as it gets pushed down the queue.)

And if people would completely fill out their registration forms when they join, we would know what general area they were in, and would be better able to answer a question about “who is good in my area” because your profile would state just what your area means.

This is quickly becoming my pet peeve on this site! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/mad.gif" alt="" />
It’s like being on AOL and some lazy person who doesn’t bother to actually read your profile and doesn’t have the manners to say hello instant messages you out of the blue asking “Age/Sex/Location”. Hey Dimwhit! You could only have found my screenname by using search, since I am not in any chat room, so if you are sooooo interested, double click and read the thing before you try to waste my time asking me stupid questions like A/S/L? (oh yeah, and they are too lazy to even write out the question!)

Sorry folks, James is still very grumpy from his horrible business trip to South Carolina.

I use two on the south coast (Chichester).

Belinda OBrien
01243 781179
07736 132416 (mobile)

Linda Whitehead
01243 539700