Redwood City: Electrolysis by Gwenn at DermaBella

Electrolysis by Gwenn at DermaBella

Gwenn Selvaggio, RN, RE
<p> 921 Main Street<br>
Redwood City, CA 94063<br>
<p>Office Hours:<br>
Tuesday thru Friday
<p> Rates:<br>
1 hr. $70.00, 3/4 hr $59.00, 1/2 hr $47.00, minimum 15 min $35.00

Description of Practice:<p>

I am a member of the <a href=…/…/igpe/index.htm>International Guild of Professional Electrologists</a>. I maintain an OSHA compliant practice. I use sterile, disposable probes. Blend and Thermolysis methods are practiced. Gold probes and topical anesthesia available. Please call for a free consultation.