Reduction after first pass?

So I finally booked an electrolysis appointment to get my penis and scrotum done an was wondering how much of a reduction I can expect after the first pass?

When you remove a hair with electrolysis it is gone forever right? So if my hair was grown out for 3 months and then it was all removed surely the job is then done? Why is it necessary for a second or even third pass? Surely any hair that could grow in that area would have grown out over the 3 month period? If you only ever shave your hair then get electrolysis, the hair has had a lifetime to grow out?

Laser hair removal would have been better (not IPL) then electrolysis. After about 6 sessions of LHR any hair that is left could then be treated with electrolysis. It would be far less painful if the few hairs that are left are treated than lots. There is something like a 90% success rate if the hair is caught right. Sometimes during electrolysis there is a resistant hair and I suspect the technician would pluck this out. I have had LHR and am having electrolysis in this area. A hair has to be in a growing cycle to be successfully treated. Once it has been removed a hair follicle in a resting stage will start growing later on. I suspect it will take more than a year to get a good clearance from electrolysis. The amount of hair removed on the first past depends on how quick the technician works, length of session and how much hair. Afterwards you will have little scars which should heal up within a week or two going on my experience.

All good advice, h56, but allow me to get a little picky here and say that those are not scars that heal in two weeks, but rather temporary skin manifestations or scabs, that yes, indeed do heal within 7 - 14 days. Scars denote something lasting, like when you bust open the under side of your chin and have to get sutures that leave a white linear mark forever. The temporary marks after electrolysis are not lasting and heal beautifully in a short time.