Reducing rotary tweezer pain


Many people try a rotary tweezer once and never use it again because it hurt so much the first time. Well, there are ways to make the first time easier.

  1. Wax first, then get hairs as they come back. Amanda sent me this great tip in April: “Wax the area a few weeks before, as the hair will not be as numerous. I had waxed every thing but the upper leg and found the upper to be excruciating and slow because there was so much hair.”

  2. Shave first. The longer the hairs, the more tugging you get.

  3. Do it after a hot shower. This should help hairs come out easier.

  4. Stretch the skin and press down on it. Acupressure seems to help reduce the plucking sensation.

For more pain tips, including some products you can put on your skin if hair removal is REALLY painful for you, head over to the tips section of!