redness with electrolysis

I’ve been getting weekly 2 hour electrolysis sessions for the past 6 weeks and I have a lot of redness under my chin where I had a full beard. I know this typically lasts a few days but it hasn’t gone away. It stays red. There is swelling too but that goes away in a few days. Could this be over treatment? Or will it go away given some time? Are there situations where the redness just stays forever? I can’t see any scarring. I get scabs but I leave them alone and they go away in a day or two.

Does your electrologist and/or you apply anything after treatment?

My electrologist introduced me to witch hazel. She applies it right after treatment and then I apply some more witch hazel with a cotton ball when I get home and also the next day and it does the trick :grin:

Yes, she also applies witch hazel when she’s done. Then she tells me to put neosporin on it at home. I wash my face with cetaphil the day after and just try to keep it clean.

One time my electrologist was on vacation and I went to a different electrologist and she applied neosporin to my arms after treatment and they were red for a while and it jus didn’t seem right. When my regular electrologist returned I told her what happened and she told me that it is not good to apply neosporin after treatment because it is an oily substance and clogs the pores causing redness. I would recommend that you try avoiding the neosporin, use only the witch hazel and see if that makes a difference for you :slight_smile:

Thanks so much! I’ll try that!

You’re very welcome. Good Luck :slight_smile:

Hi Lauren:

After treatments you may want to try applying ice for a while
to bring the swelling down/ I’m guessing that after treatment
the area feels hot to the touch?

For a few days after treatment apply some cream that contains, aloe, tea tree oil, vitamin A and E and possibly lavender.That will help it heal.

It’s good to put it on generously before bedtime. I have a place that specializes
in essential oils make up a lotion for me according to my needs.
Search around for a place that does that or failing that just try to find some of those
ingredients and make your own.

Many people are allergic to neosporin and its generic equivalents. It should be avoided, as one could have a horrible reaction. At the very least, no electrolysis practitioner should be applying it post treatment in their office.

The neomycin in the neosporin is the culprit most likely. 7-10% of the poopulation is allergic to Neosporin. Don’t use this after electrolysis.

Thanks for all the advice. I got witch hazel but it has alcohol in it. Is that ok? It was the only kind I could find.

Witch Hazel is fine. As is Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil.

I send clients home with a 2X2 soaked in witch hazel with a little wintergreen alcohol added. It keeps them from touching it with their dirty fingers and it provides astringent action, as it shrinks body tissues (used for hemmorhoids). One description I read somewhere said “pushes blood away”.

Most witch hazel has something around 15% alcohol content…it’s not much…and it may not be considered anything more than “astringent” at that level. Adding wintergreen alcohol increases the antiseptic level - and it smells good!

Clients have reported that their skin reaction goes away quicker when they keep applying witch hazel following a treatment.