Redness vs burn

I assume the difference is probably fairly obvious, but I’ve had several laser treatments now (Yag, GentleLase, and now LightSheer DUET) and I’ve never had redness like I had from the DUET. It’s on the back of my neck. I don’t think it’s a burn, although how do you tell the difference between normal redness and a burn?

I had the treatment about 18 hours ago. I’m using an ice pack to help alleviate the redness.

The redness looks worse in person than in the photo.

That looks like a slight burn and it’s stripy, so they didn’t overlap well. I would assume you may have done some sun on that area, which probably didn’t help. Basically, settings a bit too high for you, but it’s not a very bad burn. Treat it with aloe vera like any other burn or sunburn. And let the clinic know.