Redness Remains -- Treatments?

Due to all the fussing I did on my neck before starting my electrolysis (and perhaps due to the electrolysis as well?) I have some seemingly permanent redness in a few areas. Probably scarring, actually. I’m wondering if I should go for microdermabrasion or some other dermatology treatment to try to even out my skin tone in these areas. Is it safe to do this while I’m in the last phases of my electrolysis, or should I wait until it’s in maintenance (occasional electrolysis for strays) stage? Is there some better approach anyone can recommend?

Hmm that’s really interesting, because a few months ago I developed a red mark in an area where I tweeze… and it hasn’t gone away or improved since. I didn’t think it could be a scar as I have lots of them from ingrown hairs but maybe it is after all.

I too was hoping that there was some way I could get rid of my scars during or after I begin some form of permanent hair removal. Do you know anything about scar removal? This might sound stupid, but if you were to get a skin graft on a hairy, scarred area, would that get rid of the hair and the scar in one shot?

Scars heal from the inside out. You will need to make sure that you are drinking proper amounts of water, and eating a good healthy diet. Next, you need to keep the skin clean and dry. Tea Tree Oil helps to heal skin, as does Aloe Vera. In some cases, you may need silicone sheeting to settle the area.

If the problem really seems bad, consult with a dermatologist.