Redness on Neck

Quick bio: I am a 28-year-old male who is having thermolysis done on upper cheeks and neck (front - beard).

I have had a great experience with thermolysis on my upper cheeks (near eyes). I’ve been having treatment done since last August, and I have had little to no post-treatment redness/swelling (despite some sessions with high intensity!). However, I started treatment on my neck (near the base where chest hair and beard hair seem to blend on my body!), and the area was left VERY RED (with no swelling). This treatment was done about 9 days ago and the redness has not gone away, though it has subsided some. The best way to describe what it looks like would be to compare it to a sunburn. There is no pain, but it is not a very becoming look. What is going on?!? I am only concerned because I did not experience this on the other area I have had treated.

You are probably just having more irritation due to the way the neck skin is always moving, and the mixture of sweat and hair care products. Keep using your tea tree oil overnight, and aloe vera and aloe cortisone during the day, and you will be fine.

Don’t over do it with cortisone. It has long term negative side effects.

Your collar could be rubbing your sensitized skin. The neck does not have the same muscle tissue makeup as the face and is more sensitive. less fat equals less moisture. The neck is just more sensitive. If you say you feel okay and every thing else is otherwise okay. OKAY!

Thank you for the reassurance! The area treated on my neck is still red, but what you have suggested (irritation and area sensitivity) makes sense. I wear a shirt and tie to work everyday, so I’m sure the area is irritated.


I have found the neck area to be very sensitive also.

I would tend to agree with James that the post care treament will help it clear up faster.

Any redness in my neck treatment area is pretty well faded after about a week.

You may want to loosen your collar a bit too if it is irritating the treatment area.


Thanks for all the feedback. This site is a great help to those who are dealing with electrolysis/hair issues!