Red welts,normal reaction ? Cutera question

Had first treatment on armpits yesterday. I am not on any medications and took no pain killers to reduce any possible reaction. The session went well, there was no pain , very little discomfort,no visible sign of anything when it was done. Ive had more reaction from shaving! But about an hour later I developed red welts on lower inside arm ABOVE, and OUTSIDE of the treated area. Felt bruised. Is that normal? I do not have setting info at this time. The yag side of the machine was used. I think I am a skin type 2 or 3. Brown hair ,brown eyes skin,east European heritage,slow to tan,sometime burns, tan minimal light brown.Some sun sensitivites. History of melasma.

I also have questions about the equipment and would so appreciate further input from others.The machine is a cutera xeo prowave which I understand is an ipl but there are two sides to the machineand the second side has a handle that says ndyag and was told it is laser and not ipl. Is that a true ND yag?

The tech prefers to treat large areas like legs with the prowave side as it is faster and she has seen results. I had been advised by other sources to stick with the yag rather than ipl for more effective treatments. I dont want to be a difficult client and am wondering if it is ok to ask that the leg be done witht the yag side? Not sure it is my place to say?
I have prepaid for three treatments,armpit,bikini,lowerlegs. Should this reaction be a concern in continuing treatment? It still feels sore as if bruised but the red welts seems to be slowly going down a day later. The office said they have never had that type of reaction.

Hard to react to your concerns without pictures and settings. I know that any laser hair reduction specialists reading this would think that information would be helpful. Did you talk to the technician or the office staff? Maybe you can sneak over to the clinic and ask if someone can take a look. Did they give you aftercare instructions?

Thanks for responding dfahey.
Sorry I do not have much more info on the settings at this time. I do hope to update that as soon as possible. I meant to put brown hair, pale skin on that description. I do have a picture that i would send privately if possible as I would rather not put it on a public forum.
The office said they have never had a reaction like that before and are quite baffled especially as it is outside the treated area. I was advised to leave it alone and call back if it worsens. It is improving now (next day)…it still feels bruised but welts are diminishing and just faint red marks under the skin…however I do wonder if i need be concerned about what will happen during the bikini /lower leg session next week.
Any advice on my other questions about the machine??
Again thanks so much for your response!

You are welcome. I bet a good quality of 99% aloe vera gel right out of the refrigerator would feel so very good. Just gently smooth it on as much as you want.

Yes i put aloe on it yesterday and it did feel nice. The office said today just to leave it alone. It has diminished within 24 hours though my upper arms still feel sore,and the red welts are now just marks beneath the skin.
DO YOU THINK with upcoming bikini,leg next week DO I NEED BE CONCERNED ABOUT THIS REACTION,or is just in the realm of normal?
Any thoughts about the machine?? Yours is a very welcome voice at this time!

I think you just need to talk out your concerns with the specialist right before the next treatment. Chris, aka, Romeo, can advise you on the device. I am an electrologist that does my best to answer laser/IPL, questions based on my limited knowledge. You can use the search feature here and type in the exact name and model of the device. It has probably been mentioned here before. We need more laser specialists here to help out with specific questions. Romeo is very busy, but he does the best he can to help out whenever possible.

I do know that most people heal nicely in the end even If their technician was overzealous in the beginning. Hope that gives you comfort.

Thanks so much dfahey. Any input is really helpful.
I have sent a message to Romeo

saw your posting as well as email.

You have some PHOTO SENSITIVITY that could be from laser as well.

Sometimes the underarms may react this way. However, I WOULD DEFINITELY DO A TEST PATCH on your legs and bikini and WAIT ONE DAY before you get treated.

YAG is not good for skin type 2-3 so PROWAVE, although I am not a fan of it may give BETTER RESULTS and less irritation.

Thanks Romeo! So the photo reaction can happen outside of the treated area? My armpits continue to look and feel as if nothing at all happened. The hair looks unaffected and growing.
Would it help inphoto reactions to cover untreated areas nearby with a sheet or something ?
Is prowave ipl effective in LHR?
I’m greatful for this forum to get some advice!

(I’m grateful for Romeo’s help on the laser forum as well)!

Danika, it has been written by others many times that IPL is not as effective as a real laser. I actually saw one client where it was?? So go figure.

Ok another skill testing question for you ! Do these settings mean anything to you? Can you please help to interpret them ? Settings for ndyag side of cutera xeo prowave machine - 55 and 20 with pulses of greater than 20

I don’t know. Sorry.

They are OK.

That’s it , I’m sending you two Roses!! ( cyber roses but smell as sweet. )
Although i only contacted them with a couple of questions and to let them know about the reaction , I am concerned that they want me GONE because of my mysterious reaction. I think I am seen as too much trouble to risk. However I have been very nice and not in any way blaming. I even made sure to compliment , sincerely , the tech and in no way laid fault with anyone. I only hope if they allow me to continue, my bikini is week, that they will make the settings really low so as to ensure no skin reaction ;

Danika, a low setting might not be an effective setting.

Opps , what i meant was that I hope, due to my reaction that they DONT make the settings so low so as to ensure no skin reaction! IS there any way to really know? Since that reaction the place has been very strange with me. I HOPE that they will take the good road as I intend to with them. I have no blame or bad feelings. Just trying to figure out anything that will help to continue in the best way. My intent is good!