red head getting laser on chest

Hi all! Ive been lurking in the shadows for the last month evaluating what to do about my chest hair situation. Simply put I want it gone. Ive shaved it ever since it had hair and have put up with a stubbly chest for far too long. Besides the stubble, its a pain to shave every day. I have been considering electrolysis and then discovered laser. I was very hyped until i read the fine print about red/blond hair types. I decided to go in for a consulation anyway because a lot of my red hairs are dark red.

I went to Lexington KY (i live in richmond), and spoke to a laser tech named Rhonda. There were only 2 other places that offered laser in the area, and her business seemed to be more professional to me and not so ‘salon’ like.

She told me I would receive a 30% reduction and if I used Meladine I could see 10% more. I was depressed. So I then scheduled to just proceed with electrolysis because I didnt want to waiste anymore time and the laser seemed to time intensive between treatments, and I thought Id use the time instead with electrolysis.

Monday my mother called and said a new place had opened up in Richmond. I had told her about my plans and she became very interested in what I was doing. She wants Botox and a chemical peal so she is getting into cosmetics bigtime with me. Kind of funny, Im her SON!

I went to the new place and they were so nice. I talked to the tech and she said I had enough dark red hairs that it was worth it to do laser and what the laser didnt get we could get with electrolysis. And then she did something that no one else offered to do…a test patch. I was so impressed. I think the setting was low, but I hadnt shaved to show them the color/amount of hair I had and I think the laser burned the hairs and thats what felt…although they are still there. At any rate Ive scheduled my first treatiment on Dec 3 giving it 2 weeks for the test spot. Did I mention that they only charge 300$ and Lexington charged 500$? I was very excited about that too. The way I see it, one or 2 treatments wont break the bank and any reduction will be a blessing. I am glad I found this board and will keep you posted on my progress. Id especially like to hear from more read heads who have had similar experiences. Thanks gang!

Well, I wish Laser works for you.
(To me Laser is a lot cheaper than electrolysis.)

If you have a digital camera, I suggest you start taking some photos, so you can see the progress and effectiveness of laser hair removal.