Red Hair and Laser

I have heard that Laser treatment is most effective on pale skin and course, dark hair.

What about ultra-pale skin and course red hair?

I often hear “blond and red” paired together. But on my body, thin hair is blond while the really thick, difficult hair is shimmering red. The red hairs are VERY THICK AND STUBBORN.

What does the laser-success-likelihood look like in this situation?

Bear in mind, it’s sideburns on the face I would want to have treated.

(My sideburns grow too long for a woman - the bane of my existence. :smile: )

You have pretty much the same skin/hair combo that I have.

in other words, laser is not going to be very effective, if at all.

There are two types of pigment in hair eumelanin (which makes brown and black hair) and pheomelanin (which makes blonde and red hair). You need more of the first one for laser to work well.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! :frowning:

Hey - you may have been the bearer of bad news, but at least you spared me from forking up money to a practitioner who said “Well, MAYBE this will work.” :smile:

Kind of reminds me of when laser surgery for the eyes first came out. I thought, “Hmmm. No more contacts? No more glasses? It’s a lot of money but …”

And then I had the good fortune to run into an opthomologist who was extremely honest and said, “Don’t talk to those people about that surgery. You’re not near-sighted enough. SOME people come away with 20-20 vision, but MANY come away with less than that. They come away with … your current vision. Which means … that unless you were one of the lucky ones - your eyes would be the same.”

So sometimes hearing the bad news is a blessing as long as it comes in time! :smile: