Red dots: patch test woes

Hi all,

Had a patch test with the LightSheer diode laser four days ago. Yikes! I am left with about 70 nasty red dots on my lower leg. They are not really bumpy or swollen, just red, a few having black dots (perhaps scabs or burnt hair…icky.)

I was initially using aloe vera gel, but the actual skin redness and burning has subsided greatly. So, now I am using something called “Palmer’s Cocoa Butter” lotion, which my mom used for scars after some cosmetic surgery: the bottle claims that it “smooths and blends marks and scars”.

Two questions for the resident sages.

  • How long does it usually take after a laser treatment for these red spots to go away?
  • Is there anything in particular (any lotion or preparation or exfoliation) that you can do to help this heal more quickly? Any reason I should not particularly be using the cocoa butter?

kindest regards,

Hi Fushia,

I noticed this too on my first few laser treatments. I would call it a normal burn reaction. For me, it took about 1 week for the redness to subside, and 2 weeks for all the hairs to fall/rub out (the black dots you’re seeing). Some hair will appear to regrow during that time; but most if it is just hair being expelled.

Cocoa butter hasn’t done much for me, except it smells nice. I prefer Kiss my Face Aloe + Alpha. Alphahydroxy Acid sounds mean, but it’s very gentle. It removes dead skin, which encourages new skin regrowth. The tiny red dots aren’t scars, just minor burns, and they should heal completely within 1 to 3 weeks.


Thank you for your kindness in replying to my questions. AHA does a number on my skin, redness, irritation, and the like, so I’ll stick with the cocoa butter. I am very grateful for your reassurance that the nasty bumps will go away after a week or two - was worried I’d be scarred for awhile.

Regarding the EMLA - they did use some very cool lotion before and after - but I doubt they used it because the procedure hurt like the dickens!

BTW, your progress reports are much appreciated by the community here - they give us all hope to go on.