Red dots on butt 1 month after electrolysis?

Hi everyone,

So I had one hour of electrolysis on my left buttock about 5 weeks ago or so and it went well but I have some red dots on the area that was treated still (pic attached)

They seem fairly flat/aren’t raised, but I’m wondering if this is a normal reaction and if so how long does this kind of thing usually last? I plan on clearing my entire butt area so I hope this isn’t going to be a long term thing. Thanks in advance :relaxed:

Angiogenesis. What you are seeing as “red dots” are blood capillaries under a thin epidermal layer as they bridge the dead space created in the follicle from the treatment. 100% a normal part of the healing process of the skin and absolutely nothing to be concerned about. It will disappear without trace.



Ahhhh … thank you Seana. Perfect.

You have no idea how tempted I was to bring up a certain blog post But it wasnt relevent and would have only served to confuse the issue in the consumers mind.

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Wow. Interesting! Thanks for the info. Is this something that occurs more often in some body parts than others? I don’t seem to have ever gotten it on my face so I wonder…

it does. It’s much more common on body areas than it is on the face. You’ll note that I’m extremely hesitant to even discuss this topic. This is because, quite frankly, the world finest electrologist ( and myself along with her) were raked over the coals with regards to this issue in one of their cases. To date, the person who did so still maintains those attacks on that electrologist and myself on the internet and I still get comments regarding them which affect my practise and business. Some things have proven not worth supporting even here on Hairtell.

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Oh, the hell with them … go for it! You write it, and I’ll sign it … whatever it is! Remember, the “coal rakers” are always the ones who eventually get burned.

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Oh, sorry to hear that! Do you know if there’s any way to help speed up the healing, or how long it can last? I’ve still got em and am exfoliating the area regularly, but wonder if there’s anything I can do to get rid of them faster