Red bumps still there after 2 weeks?

I am 23/male and I got full arm laser hair removal, and I am skin type 4. The laser they used was The Coolglide™ Nd-Yag (1064nm) but I am not sure what settings were used. I was told that these bumps would be gone within 1-2 days.

I am about 2 days away from my 2nd week since the treatment, and hair is starting to shred, which is good but these red bumps/acne marks/kp (did i get kp?) isn’t going away, any ideas on what to do next? I’ve tried lotions, washing with soap, and started using neutrogena acne cream to wash and see if it would help, but it’s only been 2 days with it.

Are you sure you’re a type 4? You look like you could be type 3 from those pictures. I would stop washing with acne medication because that is probably irritating your skin further and use witch hazel and clear aloe vera gel to calm the skin down. I’m not sure if those are burns or an allergic reaction to something, but it’s definitely not kp.

Can you please call the clinic and find out the settings used? Ask for joules, spot size, and pulse width.

It looks like either pigmentation due to high settings or allergic reaction (anti-histamine would help).

Great pictures. Would you mind keeping us posted on your progress. Do you have a “before” picture, too? I’m sure there are plenty of people who want to have the same treatment and would like to follow your progress.

Did you do upper arms, hands? Or just lower arms?

Settings would be very helpful. Spot size, joules, pulse, etc.

Good luck and we look forward to your updates.

As said before, it looks like type 3 maybe even high 2. For sure not 4 though.

I think you should call your clinic and check but it does seem like the red bump have gone abit or you can wait till your next treatment and tell them. I assume the laser level was abit to strong for your skin. Im not sure if thats good or bad =P