epilated and got red bumps on chest, what should i do??? they arent filled with puss but are small red bumps where each hair follicle was…they may get puss though, but what should i do now and differently when i epilate???

As for now, cool showers, very mild soap (baby soap,or DOVE) and gentle exfoliation. You may need to apply some tend skin, but otherwise, a good natural moisturiser is recommended, something like Aloe Vera.

Good luck,


Thanks man, I’ll try, on that note, I’ve been using Baby Oil enriched with aloe and vitamin E after shaving my face (haha cheap off brand wal-mart type like 2 bucks or so) and I’m quite impressed with the smoothness of my face, less irritation and considerably less ingrowns and I don’t get the burning sensation during the day. I have very tough coarse facial hair that grows kinda in the skin at a curl and live in a very high humidity area (houston) so shaving close is a pain, but like I said the baby oil has been doing some slight wonders. I figured the aloe and vitamin e are probably helping too, the only prob is I wish I could get it unscented, couldn’t find any the frangrance irritates the skin a little when first applied, other than that I apply leave on for a few min’s and then wipe off. You think this might possibly help with the irritation, I also noticed that going against the grain caused the hair to break off I believe, with the grain seems to have worked far better, I was thinking maybe I just might have damaged the skin by pulling back against the grain of the hair, what do you think?