red bumps after electrolysis

Hi all. I hope someone can help.
I had electrolysis 6 weeks ago, and there are still plenty of raised red bumps in the area. Is there a cream that I could use to rid myself of these? Any other ideas? I really hope this isn’t permanent scarring. I had thermolysis, by the way.

That doesn’t sound good-- sounds like you have folliculitis or pseudofolliculitis. It can be caused by irritation or infection.

If you still want to try home remedies, I’d try an antibiotic ointment and maybe calamine lotion. If there is fluid in them, you might try a beta hydroxy acid like Tend Skin.

You might consider a trip to a dermatologist. 6 weeks is a long time.

bk-gal:What area are you talking about that left bumps? I am a male and I had bumps after removal of hair from the underarms. It looked like bumps on the skin of a chicken after the feathers have been plucked; but I think that is natural in that area. I never had similar bumps from hair removed on my chest or pubic area.Are those bumps really noticable to an outsider or only to you after looking closely?