red/brown long?

I had my first treament 4 weeks ago… Loving the bare spots, but still have significant spotty hair. I had full back, shoulders, chest, abdomen and upper arms done.

Just below my breast area I had severe red spots that have now faded into very light brown. (Didn’t have spots anywhere else.)

Any idea how long those brown spots could last?

Any idea why only that one area?

HairGone :smile:

It’s a little different for everyone, but this is what my experience was.

When I had my legs done the first time I had the same thing happen. It was kind of like a sunburn. The “burns” faded into “tans” and eventually (1-2 months later) faded completely. This was worse where the hair was thicker, and not bad at all where the hair was thin. I guess the burns are more severe where the laser is doing more work (dark thick hairs.)

The second treatment left no burns at all. I can only assume in my case this was because the hair was significantly thinner by this point.

Again, this is only what I assume based on my personal experience, I’m no expert.