Red and non- pigmented hair

Hello I’m just finishing my qualification in electrolysis. I am hoping that I am able to get some info on my last piece of the assignment which is describe the importance of knowing how to treat the follicle of red and non-pigmented hair ?

Thank you in anticipation

Xenia, how does hair color dictate the treatment strategy with electrolysis? Are you treating the hair or the follicle?

I think I might know what she is getting at. Red hair, and hair lacking any pigment ( so blonde, grey or white) must be veiwed with a light shining accross the area to highlight the hairs so they can be seen. Think like fiber optic christmas trees Until you shine the light accross them, it all just looks like clear fishing line. That is the only way these hairs are treated any differently from any other pigmented hairs. No more or less energy is used or put in any other place in the follicle.

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Thank you so much for your help.
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I just installed 2 croslights on my microscope.This light help to see the small blond hairs on the face.

Dimi could you contact this user please?

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My hair is naturally red, I have not dyed it yet. I really like my red hair color with its natural golden highlight. My hair is almost like this but with its natural color.
I was always worried that if I dye my hair, will my hair follicles change and what color will my hair grow after the dye is removed ??? !!!
Please let me know if you have an answer to this question.

Hi theresa,
Your inquiry is actually a little off topic for this forum. We specialize hair removal and not necessarily colouring.Still many of us are esthicians in addition to electrolysis so I’ll try to help you out anyway:
In general dyes dont affect hair or pigment in the hair below the skins surface from which new hair growth develops. For this reason Many bleached blondes have been given away y their roots growing in :slight_smile: .Dyes only affect the exposed part of the hair , and dont do anything to the root.

Iluv2zap Dear, thank you for your help and answer.
Yes, my questions were a bit far from the topic, but since this was an association of experts, I raised my concerns and questions. Thank you for your answer :slightly_smiling_face: