Red after tweezing

I used a tweezer to remove 4 hairs between my eye brow in the middle on the top of my nose, and now there is like a red spot in that area in between my eyes. It has been on for a long time. First it was on for 3 months it is not the same after 3 monhts it is less but still not compeletly gone is there any way i can help it heal faster?

I am a guy.

thank you


was this the first time you tweezed these hairs? I used to tweeze thick hairs that were growing on my chin, and the area got discolored like you say. that sometimes happens on people with darker skin tones with repeated tweezing.
The good news is that it eventually fades. It’s important not to let the area get suntanned, because you’ll just make that dark area darker. So put sunscreen in that spot.