Recommended Waxing Brand for Forearms and hands

Hello, in just a span of 2 years I broke my hand and forearm bone and wearing the caste twice has caused my forearm/hand hair grow like crazy.

So, I would like to wax my forearm and hand to keep a clean, smooth feeling. So any recommendation on a good waxing brand?

Also, I’m a new member and I’m new to this waxing process. Anyone want to enlighten me on how to do waxing procedures? I want to keep my skin clean looking and no crazy red bumps or skin scars.

Thanks for reading this and help a fella out.

Since I presume you are not a professional your options are a little limited. I remember that nair makes a pretty good otc wax that is very easy to use.
As far a the process goes- You will get bumps and redness for the first little while but it goes down in a day or so.
you can look back in this catagory for the whole process, I have posted it several times. But a few hints- hold your skin taught, spread the wax THIN and apply pressure directly after removing strip.
good luch