Recommended Sterex SX-B settings for Spider Veins, Skin Tags and Milia removal?

Hello, I’ve had success using all three modes for electrolysis on the Sterex SX-B, but there’s no mention of treatments regarding:

  1. Spider veins
  2. skin tags
  3. Milia removals

in either the manual, or from Sterex Customer service material, whom I had been in contact with. I’ve personally seen these done (though not with Sterex machines), and I’ve seen Michael Bono’s 16-minute YouTube video on spider vein removal, but I was wondering if anyone could provide me with a “base” setting for these advanced treatments specifically for the Sterex SX-B. I used Ballet gold needles in F2, F3, F4. Which needle size to use? It seems Michael Bono uses a blend method for these but there a thermolysis-only method as well?

I’ve heard it being said on this forum that even rudimentary electrolysis machines can perform these operations, so I was eager to find out how to set out using the SX-B, as there seems to be a dearth of specific info.

Thank you.