Recommended Sterex SX-B settings for Spider Veins, Skin Tags and Milia removal?

Hello, I’ve had success using all three modes for electrolysis on the Sterex SX-B, but there’s no mention of treatments regarding:

  1. Spider veins
  2. skin tags
  3. Milia removals

in either the manual, or from Sterex Customer service material, whom I had been in contact with. I’ve personally seen these done (though not with Sterex machines), and I’ve seen Michael Bono’s 16-minute YouTube video on spider vein removal, but I was wondering if anyone could provide me with a “base” setting for these advanced treatments specifically for the Sterex SX-B. I used Ballet gold needles in F2, F3, F4. Which needle size to use? It seems Michael Bono uses a blend method for these but there a thermolysis-only method as well?

I’ve heard it being said on this forum that even rudimentary electrolysis machines can perform these operations, so I was eager to find out how to set out using the SX-B, as there seems to be a dearth of specific info.

Thank you.

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Did you ever get the answers you were looking for?

Oh my … a post from a LONG time ago (when I was not “back” on Hairtell?). This one is pretty easy. Consider that with HF there is your “point effect” … i.e., the HF current starts and concentrates at the tip (point) of the needle). Also, the thinner the needle, the more concentrated the HF. Additionally, the wetter the medium the more HF reaction. So, let’s put this all together:

You are fractionally inserting with an ultra-thin needle into a blood vessel that is liquid (as wet as it gets). So, that should tell you that your HF setting should be as low as possible … for my machine, the lowest setting. (With blend, add 2 - 3 tenths milliamperes to “ride along” … ).

Additionally, Ballet makes a specific needle for telangiectasia work, I believe called the “tel” needle … a nice sharp tip (doesn’t work well for hair removal … and sticks in the follicle). If you decide to do this work, check with your governing authorities, and remember that sometimes clusters of capillaries on the skin indicate skin cancer … Best is to work with a physician to rule-out any negative possibilities.