recommended electrologist ?


I have this problem with the fine dark hairs on my upperlip that are about .2 cm long. I am Asian and olive-skinned with dark hair. I plucked a few times, which I think made it more noticeable in the end, and I tried at-home waxing, but it didn’t work due to the length of the hairs. I’m really pretty self-conscious about it and I started to research electrolysis.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a great electrologist in the bay area? I looked up a listing and I got many results. I want to have this done properly, because I’d probably be more self-conscious about the pits or permanent white dots on my upperlip. By the way, if I get dots that are noticeably lighter in color than the rest of my face temporarily, can I hide it with makeup between sessions?

Also, I read that before going in for a session, I would have to shave 12 hours beforehand. Is that true? I’m not sure that’s a good idea in case the procedure does not work and I get thick, course regrowth.

Thanks for any help!

You may be holding your breath for a while waiting for someone to answer your question about a referral in the bay area. It would be wonderful if someone could help jazzbabe out. Did you check the electrologist referral list here on hairtell? You can get consultations with a least three electrologists and decide for yourself which one would be better for you. Word of mouth is good, too, if you feel comfortable enough to ask around.

Pits and white dots (hypopigmentation) are not natural side effects of good treatment on the upper lip unless you are overtreated many times. That’s why you find a competent electrologist after reading hairfacts. If you need makeup, you can apply it 24-48 hours after having electrolysis. Make sure it is fresh makeup (less than 90 days old) and that you apply it with clean fingers or sponges.

Shaving is great when done one or two days prior to having a treatment. Good for you because you can disguise hair until all noticable hairs are eliminated and good for the electrologist because she/he can identify those faster growing hairs that are in a good stage of growth for treatment. Also, it hurts less when we treat the deeper gowing hairs as opposed to the dud’s that just sit there close to the skin that are ready to shed. You have fallen for that myth that shaving causes more growth, thicker hair, darker hair. It doesn’t. It’s one of the best tools we have to help us with permanent hair removal.

For the kind of hair you describe on your upper lip, this should be no problem to remove permanently with electrolysis. Get those consults with sample treatments and see which electrologist provides the most comfortable treatment with uneventful healing time for your skin afterwards.


A simple search on the Bay Area would have brought up lots of post strings like this:
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