Recommendations for someone with PCOS

I hope everyone is keeping well. :slight_smile: I’m based in Northern Ireland, after years of trying to remove hair from my chin with waxing, plucking and threading i give up. It’s time to bring big guns lol ive been looking in to electrolysis unfortunately I’m struggling to find someone to perform it. Would anyone recommend someone please. :slight_smile:

My best recommendation near you is Mairi Hawkes in scotland.
You can find her contact information here:


Thank you very much :blush:

If it wasn’t for the distance, I would say Geri ( she used to post on this site) she is fantastic. Marie in Scotland is great too, and probably easier to get from Northern Ireland. In the long distant past, I have been a customer of both at different times. I took a train up from London to Glasgow to see Marie, later discovered Geri operating much closer to home. I can’t speak too highly of either of them. I hope you can to find someone with the required skill set in Northern Ireland, but if not hope you are able to make a journey.
All the best.

I still see Geri in the UK groups. Shes definitely still around.

Thank you very much :blush:

Hi there, there is an Apilus / Dectro electrolysis training program in Ireland (not Northern). Maybe they have a recommendation for you:

Great :+1: Thank you. So helpful. :slight_smile:

I found someone in Belfast with CIBTAC qualifications but never heard about this place so not sure how good are they… need a bit more research before I bite the bullet :laughing: