Recommendations for ears and nose?

Any recommendations for the ears and nose?

I’m guessing that a trimmer is probably the most widely used, but wanted to see if there might be other options–the couple of trimmers I’ve tried were ok, but not great.


There are scissors with blunt ends, just for nose and ear hair trimming. They work pretty good. There is also a gadget that looks like tweezers with loop shaped blades on the end that are great for nose hair. I will have to look up where I got these gadgets.

Meanwhile, check out Sharper Image. They have some very good Panasonic nose and ear hair trimmers. One of them even has 2 interchangeable heads. A mini straight clipper is one of them and the other is a round rotary trimmer. Using both will get just about all of the nose hairs. You can get cheaper trimmers of both types at Target.

On the outer ears and nose I use an electric shaver, the Braun Activator, which does an excellent job.


Thanks for this info. I will probably check into this.

I posted this in this topic area because I have recently started body waxing and liked the results, and was wondering if there was some sort of waxing, depilatory, etc., that might do a good job on my ears and nose. Does anyone have any comments or thoughts on that?