Recommendations Electrolysts in Germany/Austria

Hello to all. I have been reading here in the forum for some time. Like you, I suffer from unwanted hair growth on my chin and upper lip. The doctors don’t agree why the hair grows in these places. I have 2 positive diagnoses of PCO, 2 negative diagnoses of PCO… :woman_facepalming: Whatever the case. :woman_shrugging:

To date, I have had 5 treatments to remove the hair in the mentioned areas. My current therapist lives very far away. I’m looking for a practitioner who is closer to my home. I live in the catchment area Salzburg Austria.

Does anyone have any recommendations for treatment providers in Austria or in the south of Germany? Is there anyone who has already had experience with Gabriele Mayer in Forstern/Munich or Tina Reuther Gilching/Munich?

I am happy about recommendations.

heres a link to the only electrologist I know of in germany I’m afraid my geography knowledge of that area is minimal so you’ll need to determine for yourself if she is close to you, but I can tell you that Dr. Ritzert is one of the best in the world.I’m not certain there are any elecrologists in Austria.
praxis für elektrologie
dr. beate ritzert

ginsheimer str. 1
mobil: +49-171-408 6725

thx for your answer.
is your recommendation based on your personal experience with dr. ritzert? Which areas have you had treated?

apart from that, it would be approximately a 6 hour drive, just one way. :pensive: so, thats not an alternative.

Dr Ritzert is a co -professional and has been a contributor to hairtell since before my time.She’s one of the electrologists I learned from long before becoming an electrologist myself . That is the basis of my recommendation for her services. It is one of complete respect I’m not from europe at all so I dont have direct treatment experience but I can tell you she is highly skilled and a respected electrologist.

Regarding the two collegues from Munich: both know what they are doing an can safely be trusted. Especially Mrs Reuther is known as one of the most efficient colleagues here in germany. She ist doing manually controlled fast thermolysis (the fastest way to work with simple machines similar to Sterex devices or similar machines).

Hi Beate_r!

thx for your reply, nice to hear that you can “trust” the mentioned colleagues.

It would be nice to hear experiences from someone who has been treated there or elsewhere in the south of Germany and has had SUCCESS.

maybe someone else will get in touch.

best wishes