Recommendation in NY

I am new to these boards and have found the forums and the site extremely helpful. Thank you all.
I work in NYC (wall street area) and live on LI. I have dark hair and a medium complexion. I am interested in having my bikini area done. Can anyone recommend someone in either NYC, Long Island or even Queens. Thank you all for your help and may you all have a happy, health, blessed new year!

Glad the information has been helpful!

I don’t make recommendations on specific practitoners, but you can find some info on where to research here.

A search of new york laser may come up with a couple of posts, and I recommend trying the same thing on Google.

Thank you so much for your kind reply. What I was really hoping to get was someone’s recommendation - I was looking for one of the fellow members to say " I used so-and-so and liked/hated them". I have since received two recommendations - one from my dermatologist and one from a friend who is currently undergoing laser hair removal.
Thank you again for your help!

Can someone tell which method of hair removal is better. Medium complexion with dark hair. I went through Epilight and Did not work. I spend over 1000 dollars and I have scars now. Please Repond as quick as possible. Thank You.

Medium complexion means there’s a higher chance of side effects from laser. Electrolysis can be a good option, but it can take a while on large areas. you didn’t say where you wanted treatment.

Whichever method you use, practitioner skill is the most important variable.