Recommendation in Madison, Wi

Hi All,

Thanks so much for this forum. It is very helpful. I am looking for a good and reliable electrolysis in Madison, Wi. I have symptoms of hyperandrogenism (normal levels now), but am taking BCs and anti-androgens and am not planning on stopping them. I have limited facial hair (chin, sideburns, upper lip and a lot of peach fuzz on cheeks), and a lot of body hair. The facial hair is fine-ish, the body hair is very dark and coarse. There is a woman I spoke with who does thermolysis and seems very knowledgable. I have a consult tomorrow. If anyone out there has recommendations, I would appreciate it!


Sorry, but I don’t have any information on Madison Electrologists, and it seems that no one has yet placed any info on them here either. If, however, you don’t mind a drive down the road to Monroe WI, you will find a highly recommended electrologist there.

Rhonda Elmer’s Electrolysis Center of Monroe WI

If you do a search in this forum for “madison” (the search box is right above the list of posts) you’ll get 16 messages from the past two years about electros in madison.
good luck!